Pre-configured distribution for AGA/RTG Amigas. Based on AmiKit. Unofficial.
AKReal is a collection of more than 350+ pre-installed programs


31.10.2022 - New AKReal 9.1 released!

We are happy to announce the release of the new AKReal 9.1 - the unofficial conversion of AmiKit for real Amiga machines.
Mattahan's and 16 colors Ken's Icons have been updated too.

We've updated the content with the latest software as well as added many new features (see changelog).


Hello Amigans!

Well, you may know that it has been a LONG time waiting for this update. AKReal 9 was released in October 2017. So it has been 5 years of making small improvements one after another and making it better step by step just to avhieve this very improved version that you can try right now.

You may think that that this version is only for the real Amigas, but in fact it isn’t. At all. Try it using WinUAE too for a high-color RTG experience. Just a few clicks and you’ll switch it to a wonderful RTG setup. You can also listen to a huge amount of radio stations or listen to classic modules using a large variety of players. You will love it, I promise!

This is the only distro ever that, on WinUAE, allows you to change it from the initial 16 colors setup (that is amazing on a real Amiga with a good accelerator like my ACA 1230/56) to many other color formats or even high-color RTG on the fly. Then you can always switch back to 16 colors anytime. You can also change many settings using MorpheuZ and “Better Config” and make your preferred dream come true.

-- Fernando aka Retrofan


Take a look at the video to get an idea:

Btw. I recorded it like a month ago and more things have been improved since then even ;)
The recording has a one cut only because the installation takes a while. The rest is “as is”.


16 color screenshot on AGA Amiga


RTG screenshots on Amiga with graphics card or WinUAE:




24.10.2017 - AKReal 9 released!

We are happy to announce the long-awaited release of brand new and shiny AKReal version 9!

We've updated the content with the latest software as well as added many new features (see changelog).

As always we've also done a lot of fine-tuning and tweaks under the hood to keep your experience sparkling. Enjoy.



01.01.1970 -

AKReal is a collection of 350+ programs for real Amiga AGA/RTG computers. Based on AmiKit

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One way or the other, have fun!

If you have any question, please use Support Thread or contact Retrofan.

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